The range of rates reliefs can often be confusing.

Some reliefs are mandatory and some discretionary and each council may have different criteria for application of the various discretionary reliefs. Entitlement to relief may depend on strict qualifying criteria and particular circumstances relating to your property and company.

Rates reliefs are not applied automatically and have to be applied for, often on an annual basis. Many companies lose out because they are not aware of the reliefs that can be applied for or the criteria they are based on.

From 1st April 2023, vacant rates relief is being devolved to local authorities in Scotland – adding to further confusion and uncertainty for ratepayers.

As business rates experts, we can provide the necessary advice and strategies to ensure that any available reliefs are maximised.

Examples of business rates relief include;

  • Small Business Relief,
  • Disabled Persons Relief,
  • Empty rate relief,
  • Empty rates exemption,
  • Agricultural exemption,
  • Charitable relief,
  • Discretionary relief,
  • Temporary vacancy relief,
  • Partial vacancy relief,
  • Sports/ social club relief.
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