We ensure that our clients pay the lowest possible rates bills.

We recognise that rates are one of the largest single outgoings for a business and we will work to ensure that your rates liability is mitigated as much as possible.

Rating Appeals Scotland

We provide advice through all stages of the rates process, from advising on rates liabilities, rates reliefs, rates appeals and indeed any opportunity to reduce your rates bills. Backed by 30 years expertise, we have experience of advising ratepayers occupying a wide range of property types.

We will guarantee you professional and impartial advice. We will not initiate spurious or misplaced claims.

As Chartered Surveyors, you will have the assurance that our advice is professional and focused on ensuring that your business is properly advised to tackle the legislative and legal framework that surrounds business rates. Unfortunately, there are ‘rates advisors’ with less than scrupulous methods who typically make false claims about their ability to deliver savings, take upfront fees and subsequently fail to deliver rates savings. At the very least, until your property is inspected, no advisor can make any claim of how much they can save you – if they do, don’t be misled by them – speak to us first.

We treat all clients as equals and work to build business relationships to endure well into the future.

business rates appeals aberdeen

Business rates appeals are what we do. We have a track record of success, and by success we mean saving our clients money. Whether you have a single property or portfolio we will work to secure the lowest possible rates liability for you. Read more…

business rates appeals scotland

The range of rates reliefs can often be confusing. Some reliefs are mandatory and some discretionary and each council may have different criteria for application of the various discretionary reliefs. Read more…

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Each year many business recover thousands in business rates refunds that had gone unclaimed. Historic errors on business rates accounts can occur for a variety of reasons and often go undetected by ratepayers. Read more…

Rates Relief Scotland

Business Rates advice is what we do. As a result, we are experts in this field. Not only do we advise clients in achieving the best rates outcome, we anticipate and help clients to prepare for future rates changes. Read more…

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Paying business rates on multiple properties can be extremely painful and time consuming. Just 50 properties can generate over 500 rates bills and 500 payments every year. Read more…

Empty Property Rates Scotland

There are usually several ways to reduce your empty property rates bill. As business rates experts, we will review your specific circumstances to identify the route that will yield the biggest savings. Read more…

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